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Medical scribe course online + clinical EHR course

Online medical scribe + clinical EHR, ICD-10, CPR + AED, and wrong-site surgery courses

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Earn valuable experience

Not interested in med school? Scribe experience is an excellent experience for those interested in nursing or allied health careers.

Undergraduate opportunities

  • A concise three-week course puts you to work faster
  • Flexible hours allow you to stay focused on coursework
  • Medical experience strengthens medical school applications

Increase job skills, security
and salary

Flexible online training for
school and family life

Receive a certificate
upon course completion

All training requirements for medical scribe careers are met

Sample certificate medical scribe program.

Online medical scribe course

This course has been designed to meet the educational needs of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses involved in the care of patients who will implement electronic health records into their practice.

Sample certificate EHR.

EHR clinical documentation course certificate

This course lists the steps required to operate an AED, and explains how to apply the various first aid interventions.

This course is accredited. Please see our accreditation letter.

Enhance job skills

If you are already an experienced transcriptionist or medical assistant, scribe training can give you additional skills to bolster your resume or possibly seek higher pay at your current job.

The skills we teach you will ensure doctors you have what it takes to create real-time medical records. With you in the room, the doctor can focus on giving quality patient care.

You'll learn basic medical knowledge, bloodborne pathogens, EKG lab results and reports, radiology reports, introduction to pharmacology, documentation, professional coding: E & M levels, procedure codes, ICD-10, documentation for billing and medicolegal liability.

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What comes with your scribe course

  • Certification upon our online medical scribe course completion
  • Downloadable course materials (no expensive textbooks)
  • Resume assistance
  • Discounts on course add-ons

Medical scribe qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Computer skills preferred
  • Knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology
  • Knowledge or experience with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Must know how to write medical history properly
  • International Coding of Diseases (ICD) coding a plus
  • Knowledge of HIPAA - this generally pertains to ensuring the privacy of patient information

Medical scribes have supported doctors for thousands of years. The use of scribes has increased significantly in the past few years. A medical scribe receives specialized training to transcribe real-time medical records between the healthcare provider and patients during their visits. Scribes work in various settings such as emergency departments, small to medium doctor's offices, and other facilities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for electronic health records (EHR) is 11% (much faster than average) with the median pay of $40,350 per year or $19.40 per year.

leaning experience

Invest in yourself!

Medical scribe course online + clinical EHR course

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Online medical scribe + clinical EHR, ICD-10, CPR + AED, and wrong-site surgery courses.

This online course provides self-directed training based upon necessary knowledge and all the abilities just like any other traditional instructor-led training. This self-directed training is not a new approach towards learning cpr and is completely effective as stated by AHA

"Studies comparing self-instruction or video-based instruction with instructor-led training demonstrate no significant differences in performance outcomes."

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